Gibraltar is an amazing wedding location which offers couples-to-be a multitude of advantages, not least of which is the quality service we provide!  We pride ourselves on having the premier salons for bridal hair and make-up. Because of our two distinct salon locations, our wealth of experience with brides, and our enormous flexibility, we believe that we are the go-to salon to make your special day a memorable success.

Our Eurotowers salon is located less than 10 mins walk from the town centre, which makes it ideal for Registry weddings.  If you need to get dressed in our salon, or you need a very early appointment let us know, and we’ll make sure we accommodate your every need.  The experience we offer is a tailor-made process designed to suit your specific requirements.  Whether it’s a simple updo, hair and make-up trials before the event, or all of your bridesmaid’s and family’s hair and make-up, we are up for the job!  Let us know what you need, and we promise we will be an asset on your wedding day and help make it that little bit more special…oh, and you’ll look gorgeous too!